St. Louis Hoarding Specialist, Kelly Bouma

Free In-Home Consultations for Compulsive Hoarding Situations



Product Description

In the case of homes with excessive or unsanitary conditions, Specialized Organizing may be needed with a team, and will be quoted on a case by case basis. I have experience working with several clients who hoard, and may suggest/require bringing in additional organizers, cleaning crew, and may refer to a counselor before during or after the organizing process takes place.

I will ask for photos of the home in advance, and will set up a consultation to estimate the amount of work, and the goals of the home. After the consultation, a comprehensive plan will be constructed.

I do my diligence to work hand in hand with anyone effected, and set clear priorities with clients, their families, landlords and/or city officials if applicable. Whether the end goal is for them to stay in their home, or get belongings packed and pared down for a move, I can offer my skills and experience to keep the situation a positive one for all parties.