The Two Hour Touch Up (Weekday Evenings)

The Two Hour Touch Up (Weekday Evenings)



Product Description

***2018 SALE PRICE $110 (save $10)***

Do you have a room or specific area in your home driving you crazy? Items you need but don’t know how to make the most use of your space? Do you have a black hole that eats your Tupperware lids and kitchen  gadget parts and pieces? A Bathroom closet or vanity that is packed with everything but the thing you are looking for?  The Two Hour Touch Up is the perfect package to try out my services or schedule shorter evening sessions if your schedule does not allow for a full day of organizing! In just two hours, I can declutter a bedroom including a closet overhaul, organize and sort kitchen cabinets and drawers sort drawers and bins in a craft room or office, or make a big dent in a larger project such as a basement or attic.

My biggest goal is that we can complete the project.

The Two Hour Touch Up includes:

  • 15 minute consultation (does not count towards your 2 hours of organizing time)
  • up to 2 hours of organizing
  • help purging items
  • removal of unwanted items**

Kelly Bouma (Organizing by Kelly) Specializes in organizing a variety of spaces, and with a wide range of projects including: home or office organization, estate organization, basements, garages, storage units, nurseries for expectant parents, home staging and decluttering for real estate agents, assistance in organizing inventory or storage for retail or small business owners, and more.

*The amount of time each job takes will vary depending on size of home and contents.

**Removal of unwanted items constitutes small items that can be taken to donation centers. Kelly will work with you to arrange to have large items removed from your location.