“Working with Kelly was so refreshing. She took a room that caught all of my clutter for two years and turned it into a home office in three hours. I was shocked by how hands-on she was and that my project was completed before she left. Kelly's easygoing attitude made sorting through my stuff easy. I didn't feel pressured to just throw everything out or judged by my mess. I will definitely hire Kelly again!”

Lindy SpurgeonHome Office Organizing Client

“Kelly has an intrinsic eye for organization and creating spaces that foster creative flow. She is lively and energetic and motivates me to declutter and welcome tranquility into my living and creative spaces. She is a natural when it comes to developing a plan that meets my goals. She knows exactly what I am thinking when it comes to design, flow, and practicality.”

Crystal StevensHome and Creative Organizing Client

“After living in our house for 10 years, our basement looked like it belonged on an episode of Hoarders. Kelly came in and completely transformed our space! It doesn't even look like the same area. Before hiring Kelly, you couldn't walk through our basement. Now, my husband says it's like a roller skating rink because it is so open and easy to get to everything. If you hire Kelly you should expect an amazing organizer that is incredibly efficient. She's also not afraid of anything, so don't worry about the job you have for her. Outside of her organizing abilities, you will not meet a kind more positive person. Kelly was great to work with I look forward to working with her again! Thank you Kelly!”

Emma RobbBasement Organizing Client