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When making payment for my services, you are indicating your clear understanding and acceptance of these terms.

The estimated time and cost required to complete an organizing project are estimates only, based upon the scope of the project as outlined during our initial Client Assessment which, unless otherwise scheduled, occurs during the beginning of your organizing session.  We will make every effort to complete the project within the time allotted; the actual time needed may vary depending on circumstances, and additional sessions may be purchased and scheduled as needed, or if the scope of the project changes.

Organizing by Kelly's service fee does not include cost of any materials or supplies that may be required to complete organizing projects. Supplies required to complete organizing projects will be estimated during the project assessment or by other means of discussion and suggestion. If it is agreed that Organizing by Kelly purchase supplies, client will prepay the estimated costs, in addition to a per hour shopping fee. Purchases will not be made without clients consent and pre-payment received. Client will be charged for all donation resourcing, inventories and deliveries, or can allocate session time for this purpose.

Services limited to a 15 mile radius of  the 63021 zip code at standard travel rates. If you are outside this area, you must notify us prior to booking and a travel fee may be rendered. 

All Projects require a 100% non-refundable payment upon booking. Payments may be made through, by PayPal, credit/debit through Square or the Cash App, or cash. Client is fully responsible for any bank charges incurred by Organizing by Kelly if a check is returned due to insufficient funds plus a $50 fee.  Once a session is paid for, it must be scheduled AND USED within 3 months unless otherwise discussed and documented. 

A 48-hour notice is required to reschedule an appointment. ONE (1) emergency rescheduling is allowed per session booked. If an appointment must be cancelled a second time, payment may be forfeited or a $75 rescheduling fee will apply. (or two of scheduled organizing time will be deducted from the balance. This policy applies if client is unavailable to begin appointment on time, is unprepared, or has used their ONE (1) allowed instance of emergency scheduling.  If client chooses to end a scheduled appointment early remaining time is forfeited. Kelly reserves the right to reschedule at her sole discretion if client cancels or due to unforeseeable events, or if she is able to fill your previously scheduled appointment.

Organizing by Kelly takes before and after photos to document the progress of the client’s project. No identifying information will be included in these photos where possible, but they may be shared online or for advertising purposes. 

Organizing by Kelly values the trust of its clients and accordingly agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all identifying information (with the exception of photographs (see above paragraph)  learned through the performance of services. Therefore, Organizing by Kelly agrees only to release information with the consent, except as federal, state or local law, rule, or regulation requires disclosure or release of such files or information, or if such files or information are lawfully subpoenaed.
Organizing by Kelly is being retained as an independent contractor and carries a General Liability Insurance policy.

Upon clients request, Organizing by Kelly will recommend responsible, qualified service providers: moving companies, painters, closet companies, storage facilities, cleaning services, haulers. Client must interview and contract with these service providers directly unless you prefer her to subcontract (which is available for a nominal fee.) Organizing by Kelly cannot be responsible for their actions and performance.

Organizing by Kelly is willing to work with you on almost any project, but
under special circumstances, may ask that you:
Have a working, modern vacuum with replacement bags and filters.
Have cleaning products on hand: all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, paper towels, black large trash bags and clear plastic trash bags.
Be willing to hire a professional cleaning service, or clean before or after certain projects.
Have running water and electricity in working order.
Be willing to hire a service to remove Black Mold or other Hazards if discovered.
Keep the temperature within the home between 60-80 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Be willing to rent a dumpster and/or hire a professional hauling service
Be willing to have trash and recycling removed from the premises within 24 hours after it’s been bagged.
Be willing to have donations delivered or be picked up by the charity of your choice unless you contract Organizing by Kelly to do.

*** I do have experience working with clients who suffer from chronic disorganization but in very extreme (rare) cases or when the conditions of the home are too hazardous to work within (Infestation, Mold or Extreme Mold, Large amounts of Animal Urine or Feces, etc), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Psychiatric Care may be recommended. I am happy to work with any cooperative, family, spouse or close friends in such cases to get the affected person(s) the care they need but in the event unsafe conditions or verbal abuse, work will cease until a solution can be remedied. No unfinished portion of any contracted time will be finished, but can be transferred to another family member within 30 days if the situation cannot be resolved.***

My goal is to transform spaces into functional, useful areas that my clients love and can use again! I work as closely or as independently as they wish to reach the desired goal. All estimates for scope of work are merely a guideline for project completion and timeline estimate and cannot be guaranteed.

During and between our organizing sessions you will receive:

 Complete confidentiality. I will keep confidential all business and personal information discussed or seen during our work together.
 An immediate and dramatic visual improvement in your surroundings
 Consideration of your time and availability
 Assistance in finding appropriate professional resources.
 Care and respect of your belongings
 Physical assistance as well as verbal instruction.
 A willingness to do whatever needs to be done in the interest of achieving mutually determined goals.
 Nonjudgmental guidance and encouragement to help you let go of excess possessions.
 Open discussion about the cost and extent of services
 Help in inventorying, arranging for pick-up or delivering items you wish to donate
 Discussion of organizing principles tailored to your learning style and abilities
 Creative and innovative organizing solutions and products
 Notification of special offers, helpful workshops and educational materials relating specifically to your organizing goals.
 Peace of mind and renewed hope
 More time and space to realize your vision and goals

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