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Is the pandemic urging you to nurture your nest?

Is it bold to say that this virus is unveiling underlying lessons as we stay home and spend more time in our nests? Are we using the things we have bought in the past? What is actually being used? In the toughest of times, what do you use for practicality and enjoyment? For me, when it comes to material things I have bought that I am using now the most:

-Yoga mat -Learning materials for the kids -Ninja food processor -Fire pit -Board games -Magic tree house series chapter books -Disney Plus (my newest purchase) -Kids Toys and bikes -My computer and phone -My books -Camping equipment (we play camping in the yard right now) -Using nature to make things look pretty around my nest -Record player and Spotify for all my jams that my daughter and I dance to -Art supplies

Other than that, we play outside in our yard and have just discovered a little creek and woods area that has opened a new world to us and feels like we are out in the great wilderness!

My point is that now is the time to notice patterns of what you and your family use in your homes and why you use them vs. things you never use and why you haven’t used them. Notice your passions. Notice what brings you great joy in your home and give that attention. It’s amazing how positivity is contagious and weeds out the negative. What we feed our souls is what we feel so feed your soul! Make room for your happiness. Make room for your best life

Also, for the people working from home now and balancing the hell out of work and possibly home learning, I see you. That is some hard stuff and a huge transition! But you can still notice the patterns. They were always there. And you might actually be able to see them more clearly in some aspects during this time. Find your peace and nurture your soul. We all deserve that

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