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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Powerhouse Team

Updated: Apr 30

Spring Cleaning Tips from the Powerhouse Team:

Spring is finally here! The weather is warming up, the trees and flowers are in bloom, and in homes across the St. Louis area, people are gearing up for spring cleaning. Here at Powerhouse Organizing, we know that the best spring cleaning results include a good old fashioned decluttering and we are here to help with our top decluttering tips so you can make the most of every moment with your family and friends this spring and throughout the year!

Tip 1: Gather your decluttering supplies! I recommend 2 separate colors of trash bags to make it easy to sort donatable items from trash. You will also want to create a space to gather items that you choose to keep. For this, a few large bins can be helpful so you can categorize retained items as you go, which makes later organizing steps even easier.

Tip 2: Start small! Especially if you are working by yourself, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew in one sitting. Rather than tackling an entire room or even a full closet, consider a specific surface or corner or even a single shelf or drawer as a starting point. Giving yourself small victories can help fuel your motivation to continue. If you need to tackle a larger space in a hurry, consider giving us a call so our team can help you get that win.

Tip 3: Work your way up! Try starting in a space that is not home to a lot of sentimental items. I like to suggest bathrooms or miscellaneous closets like the linen closet or coat closet. Just like you start with lighter weights and work your way up as you exercise your body’s muscles, your decluttering muscles need practice and repetition, too! Sentimental items often require more consideration in the decision making process. By starting in a space with fewer sentimental items, you give yourself the opportunity to get those endorphins flowing by saying goodbye to more items more easily. If you come across items that are making it hard to make a decision, give yourself permission to set it aside in a designated area so you can keep making progress while you give yourself time to consider.

Tip 4: Be ruthless! Kelly always says “If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a heck no!” When you hold an item, if it doesn’t give you those “heck yes” vibes or serve as a frequently used item, it’s probably time to let it go.

That’s it my friend! Now it’s time for you to go flex those decluttering muscles. Remember, the Powerhouse Organizing Team is always here to help you expedite the process with our experience and expertise, whether it’s with a single organizer or you’re ready to take things to the Max with our team experience.


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