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What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

What Mom really Wants for Mother’s Day

Moms can be hard to shop for. Not only do they have a tendency to go out and buy whatever it is they have their eye on for themselves, but it can be extra tricky to find a way to treat her to something that feels really meaningful. I mean, how does a single gift say all the things you want to say to show mom how grateful you are for the incredible gift of HER?! With Mother’s Day just days away, you may still be scratching your head trying to come up with that perfect gift. If you’ve tried flowers, jewelry, chocolate, clothes, and more and they just haven’t felt like enough, we’ve got you.

At Powerhouse Organizing, we know that what mom really craves is time. When she’s stuck at home dealing with the clutter that has built up over the years and the overwhelm it can cause, it robs her of precious time that she wants to spend in other ways. You can change all that by giving her the gift of organizing! Whether it’s with one organizer or you’re going all out for mom and bringing in the whole Powerhouse Organizing Team, we can help your mom cut through the clutter, set her up with systems that serve her, and leave her to enjoy the lasting impacts of an incredible organizing session.

The best part is that right now you can get $100 off a day of organizing with one organizer or $300 off a day of organizing with three organizers!

Visit or contact Kelly at (314) 602-5094 to make arrangements for your most precious mama! (And yes, if you’re a mama yourself, it’s perfectly acceptable to forward this on to those in your life who may also be struggling to come up with the perfect gift for YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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