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Before and After Transformations

I often look back at our "Before and Afters" and reflect on the time the clients and our team have put into them. Before your first session, we like to touch base with you in messenger, email or with a phone call, to gauge the scope of work to be completed, schedule additional sessions or a second organizer if needed, and see if we need to plan ahead for things like a dumpster rental, or charity pickup if your organizer cannot fit all donation items in their vehicle.

Sometimes a single session can completely transform the entire home. Usually, we will spend the majority of the day in a trouble area (garage, basement or "catch all" room) and then use the remaining time in other areas to declutter and organize. However, for most clients, an initial series of 2-5 sessions is the best approach (with one or two organizers), and then an occasional maintenance session now and again can keep them on track.

I often refer to "Big Picture" or "Small Picture" Organizing. During the first session the "Macro" or "Big Picture Organizing" methods usually work best. Moving any large items like furniture (if needed) is a great way to start, Then sorting through the larger bins and containers all while setting aside items that can be donated sold, or relocated into another area of the home. In the future sessions, the client can advise us of priorities that help us to declutter even further, and focus on some more fine tuned "Mirco" or "Small Picture Organizing". The Detail work is what can make all the difference in the ease of use in your space. If an item doesn't have a home, it doesn't belong there.

Our team is trained to encourage you as much as possible, while honoring your wishes with what you are comfortable with, and fine tuning the day to suit your comfort level. For some that means diving head first into a total overhaul, and for others, it means sorting through a few boxes or totes at a time! It's doesn't matter if you're the turtle or the hare, but we will try to maximize our time with you however possible! :)

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