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Decluttering Hacks from the Powerhouses!

Decluttering Professional Organizers
Decluttering Hacks from Powerhouse Organizing

Summertime is here and while school is out and the kids are home, it can feel extra challenging to get in the decluttering game. Here at Powerhouse Organizing, we want to help make it easier than ever for you to declutter, even when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Try these decluttering hacks on for size:

1.       The hanger trick: Go ahead and flip all the hangers in your closet so they are hanging the opposite direction on the hang bar. Leave your clothes hanging this way until they are worn. When you go to hang them back up in the closet, turn the hanger back so it’s facing the way you usually hang. What you’ll see over time is that clothes you wear are now hanging the “correct” direction and items you don’t love and wear are still hanging backwards. Set yourself a comfortable time frame (a month, a season, 6 months, etc) and at the end of that time, go ahead and declutter any items still hanging backwards. No need to overthink it as you now have a super clear picture of what isn’t getting worn.

2.       The boat rule: Have you ever wanted to live on a boat? The boat rule capitalizes on the idea that if you’re living on a boat, you likely have very limited storage space. Therefore, anytime you bring something new onto “the boat,” you also have to take something off the boat to compensate. Think of it as a one-in, one-out rule. Not only does this help keep clutter from building up, but if you’re looking to declutter further, you can up the ante and make it a one-in, three-out rule or even a one-in, five-out rule if you really want to cut down on excess stuff. The possibilities are endless!

What we love most about these two decluttering hacks is that neither one takes up a large amount of time. You can set aside five minutes or less and complete either one of these tasks and let them continue to do the work for you.

Ready to devote a day to decluttering with the pros? Give the team a call at (314) 602-5094 or visit today to book your session! 


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