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Let’s Talk About Buying Products

We understand it’s so confusing to decide on what to buy for your home versus just decluttering the hell out of it! What do we buy to add in organization after the decluttering and the trashing happens of the things that we no longer need?

As consumers, we are taught to buy, buy, buy! It’s what’s gotten us into some of these messes already, so we don’t wanna make more clutter! We just want peace in our homes.

With that said, here are my TOP THREE organizing products that go the distance and ADD organization to our spaces, not clutter. First on the list is the Lazy Susan! This bad boy comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and is at all major stores. You can use this product in your bathroom, kitchen cabinets, and pantry! What I love most about the Lazy Susan is that it works in small places where you can’t see products in the back. You just roll that Lazy Susan around, and voila!…. You see everything you need.

Second on the list is the 60-100, 30-50, and 7-10 QT CLEAR container bins. The measurement usually comes in quarts, but it might also come in liters. These container bins help you categorize storage items in your home that you don’t want to see out and about loosey-goosey all over the place. These bins are best used in storage areas such as the basement, garage, closets, under sinks, and cabinets stored away. It’s taking the miscellaneous, and putting them into categories with labels on them and bada bing bada boom, you are organized of all the boring things like the batteries, lightbulbs, bulk items, etc.

Third on the list is Baskets and Plastic Containers of different styles and varieties! This is the more stylish side of the organizing products because you get to now choose what “vibe” you are going for in your space. For example, wicker baskets add softness to your space while providing organization for items such as blankets, linens, toys, clothes, food in the pantry, etc. Having containers to put the miscellaneous into makes clutter disappear! It’s a game changer, and it’s magical! So there you go! There’s many more organizing products that are amazing in your home, but these are my top three guaranteed game changing items that add to your peace of mind and home spaces.

Let's do this! Happy Organizing! -Kelly

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