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Ode to Decluttering

Decluttering is magic.

There is no other word that quite sums up the essence of what a great purge can do for your entire life. It can change everything. It’s a game changer, a power shifter, the reason why, the answer for peace. Magic.

If we make decluttering a priority, then other areas will fall into place easily and quickly. How magical is that?! Being with just the things you love. The understanding of what that does for your daily experience and how you see the world. Life must be updated. It’s inevitable that you will want to change your living space. Decluttering instantly updates your home without even having to buy anything! You might even be able to make money from decluttering by selling things that have value, Not dishes lol, but other things.

My suggestion for decluttering is making a mission for a space in your home where you want to create potential. What could the space be if it weren’t for the clutter? What have you been wanting, yearning for this space but the clutter has been blocking you from creating that. We must create space for the potential energy that we are wanting.

Pull everything out of the area and clean it. Just put back what you love and use and need in your life and give everything else to charity where somebody else will get so much joy from it! Take the trash to the trash, go put those donations in the car and you are done! Congratulate yourself, and know that you are awesome! Now go enjoy your new space! If some spaces are too overwhelming to tackle on your own, we are here for you! We love the thrill of being able to do this quickly and easily for you, so you can get on with your life!

Let's do this!

-Kelly Cicerelli, Owner

Give us a call! (314) 602-5094 or book online:


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