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Spring Decluttering is the New Spring Cleaning

Decluttering is always where it’s at! Yes, my home definitely needs a lovely spring cleaning where I open the windows and let the sunshine in! I love to dust, mop, and do all the things that I don’t regularly do and spring cleaning is great for that. But, it’s more about the decluttering that brings in the fresh air. It’s the clutter from winter that bogs me down.

It’s the leftover gifts that the kids have long since abandoned that can be sent out the door. It’s the things we never ended up using that we stored in the basement, but it was a distant memory of what my goals are now. It’s the items we purchased to keep us sane over the winter months to keep us from getting the blues, but wasn’t what we thought it would be and should let go of now. It's the well intentioned, but no longer serving party favors and goody bag toys. Tupperware lids that don't have a match. Spring is a rebirth in a way and that’s exactly what happens when we declutter! We bring forth new potential to a former stagnant space. So here’s to Spring decluttering! May the purge be with you!

-The Powerhouses

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