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We're here for you during all the phases of life.

Is your family growing? Let us help you sort/organize and declutter to make room for baby.

Moving? Let us help pack and unpack you! We can get as detail oriented as you wish, simply labeling each box with the "destination room" in mind or even down to a complete detailed list contents of each box or tote with QR codes so you can find EXACTLY what you're looking for within your storage facility, basement or garage.

Have you decided to move in with your sweetheart? We can help with space planning, and help make room for love (and life) to grow!

Do you argue with your spouse over storage/space issues in your home? We have been thanked on several occasions for the impromptu "Couple's Therapy" we sometimes find ourselves provide and are able to help with solutions when it comes to areas of contention! (Sometimes we can't help it, since owner Kelly and her right hand woman, Sprite have teaching backgrounds and are also empaths!)

Becoming "Empty Nesters" and want to make a plan to keep and honor the memories without holding onto a houseful of things that are no longer serving you? Call us!

Have a family member receiving end of life care or moving to a long term care facility and need help making plans for the contents of their home? We've been there and are here to help.

Have you recently suffered a loss, and are overwhelmed with grief and also with by the burdens of "THINGS"? We are sensitive to this and can help guide you through it.

Whatever season of life you're in, let us make it a little easier for you and those you love! The weight of belongings and clutter is far greater than the physical.

Just a reminder: We're here for you during all the phases of life.

Let us help lift that burden for you and get you back on track!

-The Powerhouses

Give us a call! (314) 602-5094 or book online:


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