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When to Buy in Bulk and How to Store it

How wonderful is it when you see a deal for something you love and the store you are shopping at is offering it in the “jumbo size”!!! Hurray! That is, until you get home. Now where do you store it and O.M.G. that’s a lot of shampoo!

Here’s the skinny on what’s great and not so great to buy in bulk.

Bulk items are awesome for buying when you are always in need of it and it gets lots of use in your home. Although I am not a member of Costco, I see the benefits from my friends shopping there! I see them getting a huge case of mac n cheese boxes, or gluten free flour in the big bag for the same amount of what I buy for the small bag from Trader Joe’s and I am tempted because I know I use both of those items a bunch in our home. So, bottom line, buy bulk when you know for sure it’s useful and you have had it before in the small case and it’s been tested out already.

Another point when buying in bulk is expiration date. I have see time and time again clients had bought cleaning products in bulk that were specialty items that they never even got through the first couple of bottles. That goes for hygienic products such as shampoos and things like that too. Products like this expire and I hope you like that shampoo because you bought a six pack of it but now you hate the smell!

Make sure it’s an item you know well before you buy it and also a product that will get used before exploration date.

So, you just went to Costco or Sam’s and you got all the best bulk stuff and you are sooooo proud of yourself, and you come home and your heart just drops when you see all the clutter you have created. Your bulk Mac n cheese ain’t fitting I. The pantry, that’s for sure! Now what do you do? Don’t panic! You have read my blog first, so you already purchased the $50 plastic shelving unit that comes together without screws that can be purchased at all major stores and it’s assembled just to house all your bulk pantry items! And you even set it up in the storage area so it’s out of the way and not taking up the kitchen! Wow! You rule!

Well, that’s it. The skinny on buying in bulk. Please let us know what you think and if this helped you in your bulk buying adventures.

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